No Frills, Kosher Nosh that leaves your guests licking their lips, long after the party is over!

Welcome to a totally different world of kosher catering.  Our menu consists of four savoury and five sweet options.  Choose what you want to serve your guests and we prepare and serve them fresh to your guests. 

There is no ceremony.  You can’t get more informal if you tried.  And when your guests go home, they will remember your simcha for its Burgers and Milk Shakes, long after the party is over.

Choosing what you want couldn't be easier. For a simple Bar or Bat Mitzvah Disco party for teenagers, a Hot Dog and Candyfloss Stall may be all that you require. 

On the other hand, adding a sprinkling of the Penashe 'Sizzle' can turn your simcha into a WOW Party! As your guests enter the room, they are met by an array of aromas… Kosher Hot Dogs, Kosher Beef Burgers, Kosher Grilled Steak Sandwiches or Kosher Grilled Chicken Supreme Sandwiches are grilling and being served in fresh rolls and buns topped with ketchup, American Mustard and Relish.

They are intrigued to discover what all the excitement is about, because Penashe Kosher Fun Food Stalls mark you out as arranging no ordinary party or event.

This is informal dining with a difference – and it’s all kosher! Your guests are free to indulge themselves with all the Kosher Fun Foods they love – and come back for  more – time and again.

Then, after the speeches and just when your guests think they can’t eat any more, we start serving freshly baked waffles smothered with delicious chocolate sauce or mouth watering maple syrup; or if you want to make your waffles especially scrummy, you can also choose waffles topped with a mouth watering soft scoop of parve ice cream, or separatly in a cone with sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

While all of this is happening, we could also be serving Popcorn, cooked fresh, right in front of your guests to the original American sweet recipe.  We keep popping whilst your guests keep noshing!

Your guests will recall those long lost memories of Hampstead Heath fair as they breath in that distinctive aroma at our Candyfloss Stall (Cotton Candy to any American family). Watch it being prepared… then, savour that moment as you allow the Candyfloss to melt on your tongue!

You can also experience something you have always wanted to do; sip a Penashe Parve Milk Shake straight after a Burger without waiting hours!  

We challenge you to tell the difference between our ‘Milk’ Shakes and the dairy original!

contact us now to check availabilty and ask any questions:-  mark@penashe.co.uk        Tel: 0845 456 2338