Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange a party serving only Fun Foods?

Yes. Our fun foods are great for informal dining. The Hot Dogs and Beefburgers are extremely filling and when followed with our freshly baked Waffles, they make a winning combination that can satisfy the most voracious of appetites. This combination is perfect for a private party or teenage disco. For extra flavour, add Candyfloss, Popcorn, Ice-Cream or parve Milk Shakes to taste!

Can I have Fun Foods at a catered affair?

Yes. If you are making a formal dinner and want something different at dessert time, choose from Candyfloss, Popcorn, Waffles, Ice-Cream or parve Milk Shakes.

How big are the stalls?

Each of our stalls is 36"wide x 30"deep x 84"high or counter height. Each item ordered will require its own separate stall, and on occasion extra serving stalls will be required to provide the best possible service at your event. Service space of (48" depth) should also be provided behind each stall as well as space for your guests to stand while they are being served. 

Stalls are never set up in separate locations. If more than one stall is booked, all the stalls will always be set up in one straight line adjacent to each other. If you have queries about space, please feel free to talk to us about space allocation.


How much electric power will I need to supply?

As a rule of thumb, you will need to ensure that we have access to one 13 amp plug socket for each stall ordered. These must be mains sockets, not extension sockets, within close proximity of Penashe stalls. Underestimating power requirements can cause serious power disruption. If you have any queries, please feel free to talk to us about power supply. Power requirements for Penashe stalls should also be discussed with your venue or marquee provider.

Do other Kosher caterers allow Fun Food Stalls into their premises?

Yes. We work with most Kosher caterers.

Do Penashe work at non-supervised and non-kosher functions?

Yes. We are able to work anywhere; BUT our Kashrut licence covers our stalls and our stalls only. If a non-kosher caterer or non-supervised foods are also present at an event, then Penashe stalls must be located in a separate room, and absolutely no cross over of cutlery, crockery, equipment or food must take place. 

Will Shul halls allow the Fun Food Stalls onto their premises?

Yes. We are supervised by the London Beth Din.  NB.A shomer may be required.

Is there a vegetarian alternative to Hot Dogs and Beef burgers?

Yes. We always have a vegetarian alternative. You can discuss numbers closer to the function when you know who is coming. 

Can I have the Fun Food Stalls outdoors?

No. The stalls are not waterproof and the equipment is all electric. In the event of rain, it is impossible to move to safety quickly. We will only operate in regular venues, private homes and marquees that are dry and properly heated.

What extra charges are there?

The standard prices quoted in our price list allow for 90% of our bookings. Additional charges apply for circumstances such as exceptionally large numbers of guests, travelling outside of London, London Congestion Charge, car-parking fees and serving beyond midnight. Full details are in our terms and conditions.  

NB. A separate charge will be applicable, if a shomer is required to supervise on US Shul premises, 

How do I book?

Phone or email us to check if the date is available, and we will email you a booking form:- 020 8133 2236 or


contact us now to check availabilty and ask any questions:-        Tel: 0845 456 2338