Our Parve 'Milk Shakes', Candyfloss, Popcorn, Waffles or  'Ice Cream' Fun Food Stalls are great favourites at any simcha.  We also work with many Kosher Caterers who are happy to include our Fun Food Sweet Stalls at dessert time at a formal Barmitzvah or Batmitzvah party

Penashe Thick 'Milk Shakes' (parve / pareve / non dairy) 

Stall contains:- Freezer and Shake Blenders. Serves up to 100 assorted Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry flavour Shakes. We challenge you to tell the difference between our parve milk shakes and their dairy original!

Stall (serves 100 assorted Shakes):  £500.00 

Supplement per 100 extra Shakes:  £250.00

Candy Floss / Cotton Candy (parve / pareve / non dairy)

Stall Contains:- Genuine USA Cotton Candy Spinner, serving up to 200 servings on paper cones. 

Stall, serves up to 200 sticks:  £350.00

Supplement for each additional 200 sticks:  £150.00

American Popcorn (parve / pareve / non dairy)

Stall contains:Genuine USA Popcorn Kettle, serving up to 200 individual cartons of Popcorn. 

Stall, serves up to 200 ctns of popcorn:  £350.00

Supplement for each additional 200 ctns:  £150.00

Waffles (parve / pareve / non dairy)

Stall Contains:-Waffle irons, 100 waffles served on paper plates with chocolate or maple syrup topping.  Optional extra; Vanilla or Chocolate  parve ‘ice cream’ topping. 

Waffles Stall Only (Serves 100 portions):  £450.00

Supplement for each additional 100 portions:  £200.00

Waffle Stall with‘Ice-cream’ Topping (Serves 100 portions):  £600.00       

Supplement for each additional 100 portions:  £350.00

Penashe ‘Ice Cream (parve / non dairy)

Stall contains: Freezer, 50 cones each of Vanilla and Chocolate flavoured soft scoop ‘ice-cream’ (-100 cones) with Chocolate sauce topping and multi coloured Sprinkles. Optional Sorbet flavours; Mango, Passion Fruit, Lemon and Blackcurrant.

‘Ice Cream' Stall (serves 100 assorted 'ice-cream' cones):  £400.00

Supplement per 25 extra 'ice-cream'cones:    £40.00

Supplement per 25 extra Sorbet cones:    £50.00

contact us now to check availabilty and ask any questions:-  mark@penashe.co.uk        Tel: 0845 456 2338