Terms & Conditions of Trading

  1.    Prices charged shall be those prevailing at the time of invoice.
  2.    A verbal reservation pending deposit will be held for 72 hours.
  3.    Payment Terms:

a. A deposit of £50.00 per stall is required to secure each booking. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

b. Full payment is required if ordered less than 4 weeks prior to the function.

c. When a deposit invoice is requested and is not paid within 7 days, the order will be automatically cancelled and the date released. If the order is subsequently re-instated, then full payment for the total value is required in order to reconfirm the order.

d .On bookings of total value over £1,000.00, 50% of the outstanding balance is due 90 days prior to the event.

e. Any order cancelled within 90 days of the date booked is liable to immediate payment in full.

f. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing, which will be acknowledged by return.

g. Payment of the balance in full is due 14 days prior to the function. We do not attend events where full payment has not been received prior to the event.

  1.    The booking fee allows for a maximum period of standby / serving of up to 5 hours prior to midnight. It does not include site visits. Site visit fees within M25:- £100.
  2.     Setting up of equipment on a separate day prior to the function will incur an extra charge of £100 per hour, including travel time, plus any parking or congestion charges incurred.
  3.     Functions in excess of 5 hours or terminating after midnight will carry a £50.00 surcharge per hour, per stall. Please state your requirement when booking.
  4.    Stall prices are inclusive of transport within London and the M25.
  5.    Transport and accommodation for other venues are subject to a separate quotation.
  6.    Parking costs incurred during loading, unloading and for the duration of the event (if applicable) are the responsibility of the client and will be charged accordingly.
  7.    Stall size: 36" Wide x 30" Deep x max Height 84”. Allow 48” x 30” behind each stall as a working area
  8.    13 amp mains electricity required. A separate 13 amp (3kw) wall mains socket is required for each grill. No multi socket extension blocks can be used.
  9.     Smoke may be created when grilling burgers and steaks. It is the client’s responsibility to check that adequate ventilation is provided at the venue and that it will not interfere with smoke alarms.
  10.    Our stalls are for indoor use only and not for operation in the open air under any circumstances.
  11.    In the event of any dispute arising from a booking, the maximum liability awarded by Penashe® shall be equal to, and no more than, the value of the booking fee paid.
  12.    Penashe® will not accept responsibility for failure of equipment.
  13.    Payment of the deposit (or in the case of a late booking, in full) signifies your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  14.    Our prices normally include LBD supervision, but where a separate shomer is employed e.g., in US Synagogue premises, this charge will be passed on to the client.

contact us now to check availabilty and ask any questions:-  mark@penashe.co.uk        Tel: 0845 456 2338